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Here are the latest Additions and News in The Apple /// Resource

Sara Emulator at Version 0.5.1

I guess we missed it somewhere along the year, but the link on the Black Cat Systems website now says that the Sara Apple /// Emulator is now at version 0.5.1.  We have updated the link on the site to reflect that change.

The Apple /// Resource on TUAW

Dave Caolo mentioned us in The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) at yesterday.  This caused the server to push over 30,000 page views in a single day.

Added Link for ADFS Page

Thanks to Dave Cotter for reminding us about ADFS, the Macintosh based disk imaging software.  We have added this to the emulators page.

The Apple Resource Goes Live

After several years of several piece meal resources being available on the web, we decided that it was time that there was a real Apple /// resource with all the needs for running an Apple /// emulator.  This includes ROMS, Emulators, Software, and Manuals as well as technical information about the Apple ///.

We hope that this resource will be able to provide everything necessary for the nostalgia buff or even just the user who wants to do a bit of data recovery from their old Apple ///.

As David Ottlani is so fond of saying in his FAQ at Washington Apple PI, "The machine that refused to die."

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